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Backup2 Logon credentials for network shares

Username/password for network shares

Aug 15, 2014

Release 70 adds an option of entering a network share username and password for shares that require them. This is done via a “key” icon in the location field –

The app always tries to access network location without the username/password first. It’s only when it gets a No it will retry with specified credentials.

A couple of caveats –

(1) Windows starts producing all sorts of funny errors if you try to access different shares on the same server under different names. Apparently, this is by design and it cannot be helped. The only option is to nuke everything with “net use * /delete” and start from scratch.

(2) Entered password is stored in the backup’s .ini file. It is stored in the obfuscated form, but as we all know this won’t stop a determined attacker from uncovering its original version. So if you require strong password security, you will need to configure your setup so that shares are readily accessible to Bvckup without a password.

Is bvckup2 windows 10 compatible?

Yes. all supplied software is fully tested with Windows10 and Windows7 for compatibility and stability.